More About Masha Allen

Masha Allen child pornography case: Pennsylvania v Charles Nathaniel Brown transcript

The PDF document is a scanned transcript copy of the jurisdictional hearing in the case Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Charles Brown. The extensive 172-paged document pertains to the case of Masha Faith Allen, a russian orphan adopted by an American couple, wound up in alleged pedophile child pornography, and holds the questioning of all involved parties. The case concludes with the judge calling off all allegations, as no abusive action could be proven.


Description (as provided by the original submitter)
This has not been released anywhere online or elsewhere. This concerns the adoptive mother of Masha Elizabeth Allen, a Russian orphan girl who was adopted by an American pedophile and then placed by Judge Cheryl Allen into the home of the subject of this transcript Faith Elizabeth Allen. Questions have arisen about Masha’s placement with Faith which was engineered by United States Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan. Potential interest is worldwide but especially in Russia and the United States. Journalists can easily Google Masha’s name and find contact info. It is being leaked to expose the corruption in Masha’s second adoption which was engineered by the State of Pennsylvania, Allegheny County with full knowledge of Faith Allen’s disturbing background which is discussed in this transcript.

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5 Comments on “More About Masha Allen”

  1. Zeena Says:

    The Tragic Real Life Story of Masha Allen needs to be Told and I am Deeply Grateful there are Those who will fight to Actually want to Stop the continued Abuse of Masha Allen.

    I Pray She finds Peace and Happiness.

  2. Omens Says:

    The unfolding tragedy – in their own words – taken from primary source material.

    The shocking truth.

  3. Lisa Says:

    Child abusers that abuse in any manner should be given the toughest times and penalty. No infant or child should have to endure what these monster’s are doing to them. It’s a sad sad world when these people get away with such disgusting behavior. Let them rot in hell is what I say!

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