What’s Up With That Awful Kindle?

Amazon: What are you hiding?

SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. — Amazon shipped its Kindle e-Book reader way back in November of last year — since then, the company has tried to paint a picture of runaway success by suggesting that the incredible popularity of the device prevents the company from keeping up with orders. Is the Amazon the Kindle really a secret failure?

Emphasis added by me.

According to Teleread, two publishers claim to have had (as Variety would say) “boffo” sales to Kindle owners:

Kindle walloping Sony Reader sales? Another tea leaf to read—from an e-book publisher


Good news for E: ‘Publisher “stunned” by Kindle sales’

Plus, a Teleread reader comments:

In case no one has noticed, no kindles have shipped to anyone ordering after 2/2, and amazon has not given any reason for the delay or estimate for shipment, apart from one unauthorized amazon customer support person who said none would ship for another 2 months.

Emphasis added by me.

So what’s going on here?

A two-month wait makes me suspect Amazon has made changes to the hardware and is going to spring a Kindle II on people.

Will Sony be able to counter that?

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