Spitzer — or Swallower?

At the Mayflower, Client 9’s Sinking Ship

The filing indicates she took the 5:39 p.m. regional Amtrak down from Penn Station on Feb. 13 for her rendezvous with Spitzer in Washington. But Kristen — described in the court papers as a “very pretty brunette, 5 feet 5 inches, and 105 pounds”


— forgave the governor for this slight. Calling in to her, uh, dispatcher just after midnight on Valentine’s Day, she reported that Client 9 had given her $4,300 for the session and down payment toward the next. Spitzer had used just two of his four allotted hours; he had to testify the next morning before a House Financial Services subcommittee on the “State of the Bond Insurance Industry.”

Spitzer evidently had a reputation with the service for being “difficult” — a sentiment shared by many Wall Street executives he prosecuted — but Kristen was philosophical. “I’m here for a purpose. I know what my purpose is,” she said in a phone call recorded by the feds. “I am not a . . . moron, you know what I mean. So maybe that’s why girls maybe think they’re difficult.”


And besides, Kristen went on, “I have a way of dealing with that. . . . I’d be, like, ‘Listen, dude, you really want the sex?’ “


I still can’t believe Governor Spitzer would pay all that money just for sex. He could have bought a frikkin iPhone, MacBook, iMac, Apple TV, and then had all the frikkin pr0n he wanted via the Net — for free! (Not that, you know, I personally know where any of those categorized-by- kink free MPEGs are on the vast and directionless Internet!)

Yeah, OK, I’m some sort of geek freak. The most you can do is laugh at me. Spitzer now wishes that’s all people could do to him!

Oh behave, baby!

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