iPhone Dev Summit In … NYC?!!?


This is a rarity. I’ve never seen something like this taking place here. Boston, maybe. California, all the time. More info here.

I came across that wanting to read this: My Take on the iPhone SDK.

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2 Comments on “iPhone Dev Summit In … NYC?!!?”

  1. ramin Says:

    There’s a subtle but important distinction between iPhone native apps (built in Objective-C, nearly full access to the OS, need a Mac to develop) vs. web apps (built using Javascript and XHTML, running inside the Safari sandbox, can develop on any platform).

    That conference sounds like it’s all about web apps — which you can build today (more info here: http://developer.apple.com/webapps/).

    The big Kahuna of developer conferences will be the WWDC in June in San Francisco (http://developer.apple.com/wwdc) which is probably when they’ll be launching the App store.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Of course, it wasn’t until *after* I posted that digging deeper revealed it’s within an *AJAX* conference. That made me go, WTF?

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