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FreakAngels Issue Five

March 14, 2008

Warren Ellis’s weekly webcomic continues …


… and this chapter ends with a nail-biter.

Looks like he also gets the last post of the night.

James Kendrick Describes His Stroke

March 14, 2008

Having a stroke- from the inside

After the stroke hit I remained sitting in my chair in the office for a short bit and at some point I realized that I was out of my body looking down at myself. I remember that clearly because I saw that I was leaning far to the left while sitting, as if I couldn’t figure out how to straighten myself up. I told myself mentally to “sit up straight” and was instantly back in my own body.

This is absolutely gripping reading.

James also described his heart surgery in a previous post.

If you’ve come here to read up on Simvastatin, you are probably worried about your heart and circulation, so these are must-reads.

The Chronicles Of Depression 2.0, #001

March 14, 2008

Bear Stearns exposed as a bank saddled with toxic sub-prime debt

You have to go back to the banking crisis of the Great Depression to find a moment when the financial system as a whole seemed so close to the precipice.

The true extent of just how bad things really are here in the U.S. is only being published in England.

This got me to thinking about why Rupert Murdoch went and bought the Wall Street Journal.

One of two things is going on here:

1) Murdoch knows what’s coming and thinks having the Journal is a way to cash in


2) Murdoch knows what’s coming and having the Journal is a way to suppress the truth

Given Murdoch’s political proclivities, I lean towards Conspiracy Theory #2.

Because I see what he does with cable TV’s Fox News.

In Praise Of Palm Addict

March 14, 2008

Sammual McLoughlin has been a PalmOS supporter for ages. His Palm Addict site is one of the best resources for all things Palm-related.

One of the things I’ve always loved about Sammy’s site are the real-life stories from people using their devices.

This one from a Palm user caught my eye:

[From kay brooks] You never know who you’ll meet at the neighborhood food market. While strolling through the aisles checking things off of my Handy Shopper list for our family’s weekly pizza and movie night I come upon a neighbor who asks what’s going on. It’s fun to see his jaw drop when I can open up a PowerPoint presentation and show him what the new Interstate intersection just down the street will look like when done. Or see their eyes open a bit wider when they ask about the children and they realize that my photographic brag book is 21st Century and includes motion pictures of the children. “I gotta get me one of those!” he said reaching into the freezer case. “So what else does it do?”

“Well,” I begin….

Sammy is also accepting such tales from iPhone owners too, such as this one:

Let’s see what I did with my iPhone.

Used the alarm to wake up (as I do every day). Checked the weather. Checked my appointments. Took the car for a repair to be done while I waited, so I watched episode 17 of StarTrek Enterprise Season 2 while waiting.

Made a lot of phone calls. Used the calculator to check a quote for lumber on a garage I’m building. Went to lunch and watched episode 18 while eating. Checked my email. Made more phone calls.

Checked the weather to be sure we could pour concrete tomorrow. Went to the doctor and watched some of episode 19 while in the waiting room. Thought of a couple of things for the garage and used the Notes program to record them. Checked my email.

After dinner loaded up the rest of season 2, finished episode 19 and watched episode 20. Checked the weather again while typing this and then set the alarm to wake me 1 hour earlier than normal tomorrow. Am now going to bed and will watch some of episode 21 before falling asleep.

By the way, battery life on the phone is incredible. When I flew to California I watched movies all the way (about 5 hours) and still had 50% of my battery left. Even with the bigger screen I get much better battery life watching movies on the iPhone than I do on my 5th generation iPod.

— Paul Biba

Yeah. If you really want to get your gadget juices going, just read how people use their devices!

Keep up the great work, Sammy & Co.!

Would-Be Rejected iPhone Devs: Don’t Quit!

March 14, 2008

Reader Ramin in the Comments alerted me to this: iPhone developer rejection letter mass mailing.

Well, I never foresaw that!

And I’m sure Google is now laughing like mad.

As Ramin stated:

Here’s a good way to stem the flood of apps[.] Tell the developers to go pound sand.

What is ironic is it was just this morning that I came across a blog post (which, dammit, is not in my Firefox history, nor WordPress Dashboard, nor my FURL bin for linking to here) where a would-be iPhone OS developer was lamenting the fact he wouldn’t be able to access certain iPhone features having to do with multimedia and was therefore giving up in disgust.

I told him, and this is a very close paraphrase:

Don’t quit. You’ve just run into a temporary disappointment. Keep thinking of apps and keep coding. Maybe you’ll think of something else and in the meantime you’ll become a better coder too.

Yeah, I know that’s slim reassurance, but at least I gave it a shot.

I can’t imagine the level of disappointment that’s out there right now, especially among developers who are serious and have work to show on other platforms. It must be absolutely crushing to see the mountaintop in sight and feel the earth unexpectedly pulled out from under your feet! This will seem intensely cruel to those who are veteran developers for Mac OS X!

But my advice remains: Don’t quit!

What’s your alternative?

To put the iSDK away in disgust?

What will that get you?

Some temporary emotional satisfaction.

But will it get you any closer to the goal of having your product in the App Store?


I have no idea what criteria Apple has used to reject developers.

Perhaps it’s nothing more than initially accepting a certain number of requests and then no more for a while.

That would mean it’s absolutely no reflection on you.

Maybe Apple came to understand, after seeing the 100,000-plus downloads, that it would soon be flooded with more App Store submissions than it could handle! (See my post about that.)

It’s clear that Apple didn’t state up front, “We’ll be accepting the first X-number of developer requests, then no more for a while.” So I really do suspect they were overwhelmed by the response and had to brake hard to avert total catastrophe.

What they didn’t account for was the very, very bad P.R. this would engender.

This despite having the precedent of the $200 iPhone price cut reaction!

Don’t quit!

I don’t know how much prototyping is possible without a certificate from Apple, but keep doing what you can.

Do you want to walk away and then, perhaps in two weeks or a month, get an acceptance email from Apple?

Pasteur said, Chance favors the prepared mind.

Keep planning. Keep learning the iSDK. Create your pre-App Store marketing plan. Keep working.

So that when the opportunity comes, you can take full advantage of it!

Listen, let me tell you a secret: Apple doesn’t know everything the iPhone and iPod Touch can do.

You developers do.

And we customers are out here, counting on that from you.

Don’t quit!


Video Vitamins For Our Souls

Statin Drugs: Two Notes

March 14, 2008

Note One:

Jury Clears Doctors In John Ritter Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Lotysch testified he told Ritter he had calcification in three coronary arteries and should consult other doctors. But in a related finding, the jury decided that Ritter’s failure to pursue that medical consultation was not a cause of his death.

Emphasis added by me.

That sounds contradictory at first glance. But what he died of was something cardiac-related but not entirely caused by the calcification.

I have two things to say about this:

1) If you are diagnosed similarly, follow up!

2) I couldn’t stand John Ritter. I saw the first episode of the original British series that Three’s Company was based on. By comparison, our version stunk. I saw John Ritter in the movie Hero At Large. I still couldn’t stand him. The premise of 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter intrigued me and I tuned in. Suddenly, John Ritter was a great talent to me! So, ultimately, yeah, I wound up liking him and his sudden death was truly tragic. He was in a very funny series that could have run for ages.

Note Two:

Yesterday I finally got copies of my blood work that was done over the past several years. I have to go through all of that and extract the salient details that relate to my being put on Simvastatin. Those of you who are interested in this, be forewarned: The free WordPress service I use will not allow me to create a table. A table would be the easiest and clearest way to present this data. But that’s not going to happen. So, I’ll have to see what I can do to not make it a total mess.

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Reference: Interesting Blog

March 14, 2008

Beauty and Depravity

Oh, it’s not at all what you think! Go see.

Nice Talk, But Will Action Follow?

March 14, 2008

Top Muslim president calls for peace jihad at summit

The leader of the world’s most populous Muslim nation called Friday for a jihad of peace to spark an “Islamic Renaissance”, at a summit where leaders struggled to agree reforms to the main international Islamic group.

Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono called for greater democracy and efforts to improve the plight of Muslims and spread Islamic values, in a speech to the 57-nation Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC) summit.

“The possibility of an Islamic Renaissance lies before us,” Yudhoyono told the summit, but first, he added: “We need to get our act together as an organisation of Muslim nations.

“When the Islamic Renaissance comes it will be the natural fruit of a peaceful and constructive ‘jihad’.”

Ah, if only, if only!

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New York Post Publishes Soft Core Porn

March 14, 2008

Ashley Dupre — aka The Hoor of Babylon in this blog — in a series of just-about nude pictures, once of which was on the front page(!) of the New York Post:


No, don’t say I’m being harsh.

It turns out she’s been a prostitute for several years.

I refuse to sympathize with her when I’ve seen women far older than her working eighteen-hour days nearly seven-days-a-week as legal word processing temps in order to keep their head above water.

This girl took the lowest way out. She’s a skank.

Quote: The Joker

March 14, 2008

Ledger’s Joker Makes Dramatic Entrance

I believe whatever doesn’t kill you simply makes you stranger.

Now there’s a line of vast and deep truth!