The Jackboots Of The CopyNazis Advance

Japanese ISPs Agree to Ban Pirates from the Internet

In 2006, a Japanese ISP decided to plan measures to stop their subscribers using file-sharing software, by tracking their activities and disconnecting them from the Internet. The plan didn’t come to fruition as the government stepped in and said that such monitoring might have privacy implications.

Now, under huge pressure from the movie, music and software industries, the four major ISP organizations in Japan are at it again, and have agreed to take drastic action against online pirates.

As this stuff wends its way across the world, I hope the EFF is preparing to stop it here.

If an ISP sees me using AllPeers (which, alas, no longer exists, but let’s say), and deems that a “tool of infringement” and cuts me off, what recourse would I have?

And if the ISP comes into court to defend itself against my lawsuit with evidence of what they believe to be Copyright infringement, would having that “evidence” be in violation of wiretapping and privacy laws?

I’ve clearly and openly stated what I used AllPeers to get. Show me the infringement. Show me the monetary damage. If they won’t let me buy it, what other bloody choice do I have?

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