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The Mantra Of 2008, An Update

March 16, 2008


Dollar Record Low
Oil Record High


Dollar Record Low
Oil Record High
Euro Record High
Gold Record High

I’m beginning to think if I should do a Depression 2.0 Category.

Maybe I should also trademark the damned term …

DOOM! Do You Get It Now? DOOM!

March 16, 2008

Dollar Doomsayers Draw Signs From Bernanke Rate Cuts (Update1)


I don’t use the word as hyperbole, dammit.

Monday’s Bad News Begins On Sunday Now

March 16, 2008

Drudge Report does its bit to put a pillow over the head of our dying economy:


J.P. Morgan Chase bought Bear Stearns.

For two dollars a share.

That stock was one hundred and forty dollars per share just in January.

Those wee headlines in the upper left:


Stick around. This isn’t even the First Act of Doom. We’re still in the opening credits.

I Heart Incandescents!

March 16, 2008

Judie Lipsett over at Gear Diary makes jaws drop all over the world, reading about the ginormous amount of global warming she’s producing with her house lighting.

She decides to do something about it. Hence, The Great LED Experiment.

The 1960s In Colour: Yeah, Baby!

March 16, 2008

Before the entire world went irretrievably mad in the 1970s.

Those of you who didn’t live then have absolutely no idea.

I want you to notice the lack of graffiti. Women not wearing jeans. Paper bags. No gates over storefronts.

You can nearly feel the sense of freedom.

We still believed there would be the kind of future the “experts” told us about: underwater cities, jet packs, men on the Moon, everyone well-off and happy. (Ah, see Bill Bryson’s book here.)

Wasn’t that lovely? Here’s more:

Television was still mostly monochrome. Rabbit-ear antennas. Low resolution images with ghosting. The Vertical Hold going bad. Vacuum tubes inside. No instant-on. The tubes had to warm up! No one imagined cable TV. Who’d want it? People went out!


Oh yeah. The hypocritical hippies and flower children. But look at their fashions! Bright, fun. They aren’t dressed to threaten. How can someone in Dr. Seuss colors look intimidating?

Don’t carp to me about groups who weren’t well off. You miss the point. It’s that spirit. The sense of brightness and optimism and pure fun. Everyone had it.

It has to come again before I drop dead.

Cute Kitten Video

March 16, 2008

After that last video, I’m impelled to put up something that is cuter-than-all-out-cute.


Fire From The Sky

March 16, 2008

WARNING: Disturbing imagery from war zone. Do not view if sensitive.

Update: I’ve placed the video after the break.


Found: The Video Site With Green Bug

March 16, 2008

It’s a Dutch site. I found its location reading this: A Marine apparently throws a puppy off a cliff, and a virtual lynch mob forms.

Googled and found this discussion thread which contained the URL.

And that bug is indeed a crown. Screensnap:


It is a green crown:


Previously here:

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Reference: iPhone/iPod Touch Network Test

March 16, 2008

I see people clicking through to it, and I’d like to have it as a top-level post for my own use.

iNetwork Test for iPhone

The Three Companies Apple Should Acquire

March 16, 2008

Adobe: Cringely said it and I still agree. It would put an end to the argument over the lack of Flash on the iPhone, give Apple a lock on online video (every site uses Flash Video), and also position Apple to immediately dominate and lead in eBooks. (Apple’s entry into eBooks would also legitimize the field in a way no other company has been able to accomplish. It would vaporize the Kindle.)

MySpace: Apple = youth. The young are on MySpace. MySpace is a nasty mess as it is and could use Apple’s design expertise to clean it up. It would also be a new place to embed the iTunes Store so bands can sell their music directly to fans (as well as give the small cadre of videomakers a sales outlet; there are also a lot of professional writers on MySpace, which would boost Apple-led eBook sales). It would give Disney, Pixar, and Apple itself a new marketing outlet. MySpace tied into the iPhone would be a killer, killer combination. Forget Facebook. That’s for stiffs. The younger demographic of MySpace is more engaged in social activities than the aging and married Facebook crowd can ever be.

WordPress: Google has Blogger. Even if Apple is planning to improve blogging on its dotMac service, WordPress is the best route to go. It’s well-known and is a blogging leader. As well as tying WordPress deeply into the iPhone, Apple could also embed it in MySpace (which has a truly wretched blogging system). WordPress (and I’m talking about the free blogging service I use) is already used by major corporations. Apple’s iPhone (and other products) would become the defacto hardware to use for mobile blogging.

These three acquisitions would complement so many things that Apple is currently doing and extend Apple’s brand awareness, expertise, and influence in ways not otherwise possible.

And tell the truth: Wouldn’t these acquisitions actually be hailed by everyone, unlike the dread produced by the specter of a merger between Microsoft and Yahoo?