The 1960s In Colour: Yeah, Baby!

Before the entire world went irretrievably mad in the 1970s.

Those of you who didn’t live then have absolutely no idea.

I want you to notice the lack of graffiti. Women not wearing jeans. Paper bags. No gates over storefronts.

You can nearly feel the sense of freedom.

We still believed there would be the kind of future the “experts” told us about: underwater cities, jet packs, men on the Moon, everyone well-off and happy. (Ah, see Bill Bryson’s book here.)

Wasn’t that lovely? Here’s more:

Television was still mostly monochrome. Rabbit-ear antennas. Low resolution images with ghosting. The Vertical Hold going bad. Vacuum tubes inside. No instant-on. The tubes had to warm up! No one imagined cable TV. Who’d want it? People went out!


Oh yeah. The hypocritical hippies and flower children. But look at their fashions! Bright, fun. They aren’t dressed to threaten. How can someone in Dr. Seuss colors look intimidating?

Don’t carp to me about groups who weren’t well off. You miss the point. It’s that spirit. The sense of brightness and optimism and pure fun. Everyone had it.

It has to come again before I drop dead.

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