God Bless The Second Amendment

Supreme Court to back right to bear arms

By the end of Tuesday’s session, it appeared clear that a majority of the court would rule that the US constitution protects the right of individual Americans to “keep and bear arms” – but that federal, state and local governments will retain some powers to regulate firearms.


Justice Kennedy repeatedly insisted that the amendment must have been intended to allow citizens to protect their frontier homes and families against dangers such as attacking Indians or bears, and should provide a similar right to protect the modern home.

Did any of them argue that our Founding Fathers had firsthand experience in seeing how governments can turn on their people and perhaps they wanted the people to be able to defend themselves against such tyranny?

Self-defense in this country is an outright mockery. The police tell you to dial 911 and unless you tell them a police officer’s life is at risk, they don’t do an all-hands-on-deck response. We’re supposed to wait for them when our life is in imminent peril? Give me a jury of twelve men and women who’ve had to wait for a 911 response and I’ll take my chances in court explaining why I felt it was necessary to empty a full clip — or even two — into some son of a bitch’s body.

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