More On The 1KTF Matter

Rising rap star doesn’t need RIAA

As one of rap music’s fastest rising stars, Rida, 28, is new enough to music success that fans are still precious to him. This is a guy who used to shout out his cell number during performances.

1KTF is the abbreviation of One Thousand True Fans, which I previously posted about.

Writer John Scalzi (thanks, teleread), also weighed in on it from a different perspective than mine. Since Scalzi’s been pouring professional-level words onto the wires for a decade, he has the firsthand knowledge people should learn from.

The particular problem I have with this CNet interview is that the subject seems to have already broken through. I need to see someone at an earlier stage.

Are there any scholars out there who intend to study this issue? I’d really like to see several professionals — separately — scour the Net and pick some people to track over time to see if the 1KTF hypothesis has any merit. Or even what particular steps someone took to reach a level above noise on the Net.

God, please do that before some con artist comes out with a book about the “secrets” of accomplishing it!

— via Techdirt

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