Follow-Up To That Obama Video Post

I think we need to see another side of this man too:

Pastor Manning confesses his jealousy

I’m going to email him and invite him to post here, if he wishes.

Previously here:

“He Was Born Trash,” Pastor Says Of Obama

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2 Comments on “Follow-Up To That Obama Video Post”

  1. Matt Says:

    This guy is one of those religious freaks who’ll end up in The Great Spiritual Drunktank when he exits this world, where every fraudulent preacher will be condemned to spend eternity all trying to convert each other. This guy badmouths Obama because he wishes Obama’s followers were following him, impostor Manning. This guy is no doubt another Larry Craig, Eliot Spitzer, Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Baker. Anyone who speaks like this guy does must have a cathedral of skeletons in his closet. Well, he’s getting the attention he seems to believe he deserves.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I’m not so sure this guy is fraudulent. After seeing this second video, he doesn’t have the odor that a Swaggart, Bakker, or Falwell.

    And he does bring up an interesting point: where ARE Obama’s white relations? Remember Jimmy Carter’s Billy? I suspect the press is playing its usual game here. Shutting up to help get him in. Once in, THEN they’ll suddenly “discover” the relatives they KNEW ABOUT ALL ALONG.

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