“He Was Born Trash,” Pastor Says Of Obama

Just when I think my jaw cannot possibly drop any more …

Literally: Oh my God!

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3 Comments on ““He Was Born Trash,” Pastor Says Of Obama”

  1. Matt Says:

    Pustule Manning is what you get when you cross Anne Coulter with Al Sharpton. This shrill, incoherent clown is like Benny Hill with a PhD after his name. He is clearly envious of the notoriety Reverend Wright has received of late so this bilious, bloated, blue-clad pustule cobbled together this silly rant against an honorable and impressive man. And Pustule Manning’s comments about Obama’s parents . . . holy shit, those comments are about as ignorant as the English language allows.

  2. philw Says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. Why doesn’t the press jump all over this too? Why aren’t people complaining about this? Why isn’t Clinton disowning this?

    Isn’t this racism too? Isn’t he cursing whites too, ie. Obama’s mother? And what’s with the anti gay statements. This is truly disgraceful.

  3. mikecane Says:

    @Matt: I waited overnight to approve your comment. My first instinct was not to publish it. I disagree with your statement. That you would put him in the same league as Sharpton is puzzling — for Sharpton is someone he clearly has contempt for.

    My first reaction to the video was one of horror too. But after seeing the second video, I began to wonder about him. He’s the first preacher I’ve seen — black or white — who actually berates his congregation to better behavior (although I’m not sure if the example he sets in that video is a good one) and he clearly has a disgust over the street culture that has led to massive violence in his community.

    @philw: I found it via Drudge Report, so it’s not like no one has seen this in the mainstream press now.

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