Latest FAIL In eBooks

Discovery patents e-book invention

Interested in e-books but haven’t found one you like?

Discovery Communications of Silver Spring may have it in its pipeline.

Though the company has been mum, it is has garnered a patent for a product that may be the latest entry in the e-book market, which has seen slow growth so far. Discovery’s patent is for an ‘‘electronic book secure communication system” for the home and library.

According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office on March 6, Discovery was awarded a patent on an invention for ‘‘a new way to distribute books and other textual information to bookstores, libraries and consumers.”

Here, get a load of this:


How you’d like to have a bookshelf that hold only six books? Page, page, page …

The other drawings I’ve seen look like whoever devised this never saw an iPhone — or Coverflow!

Update: For the naifs in the audience who get all excited over Discovery’s idea of sending ebooks via video signal, go read up on teletext.

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