Test Post From iPhone

I’m using the minimalist WordPress Mobile Web Interface to post this from an iPhone at Apple Store Soho. This is freakin great!

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6 Comments on “Test Post From iPhone”

  1. Lefty Says:

    Why do I get this picture of a grimy-faced little kid, without a penny in his pocket, staring wistfully through the window of the candy store…?

    Soho, eh? So, you’re in New York. Me, too, this week. Wanna come up to midtown and tell me face-to-face about my failing mental condition and my imminent unemployment…?

    Yeah, didn’t think so.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Now who’s lobbing threats?

  3. Lefty Says:

    Who threatened anything? I just wanted to see if you had the spine and the cojones to actually stand there and talk the smack you’re so happy to type. And now we know, eh? I guess it’s a lot easier when you’re hiding behind a keyboard, hm…?

    I’ll be more than happy to tell you, right to your pudgy face and in as much detail as you’d like, that you’re a complete and utter technological ignoramus, an undirected loudmouth, and a chowderhead who can’t tell when his own ramblings aren’t making the slightest bit of sense (*cough* “iPod Air” *cough*) to your face. I’m tied up from 3:00 on tomorrow–presenting at the iPhone Developers Summit at the Roosevelt–but name your time and place prior to that.

  4. mikecane Says:

    Oh stop. It’s not an iPhone Dev Summit. It’s already been established that it’s for web apps and is actually part of an AJAX event. Given the pathetic OS ACCESS has, I guess the thinking is web apps will be their savior. Yeah, right.

  5. Lefty Says:

    Mike, are you being willfully obtuse…? Here‘s the web site. See “iPhone Developer Summit” up there? I didn’t name it.

    (How many conferences have you presented at in the past year, hm?)

    And no, we don’t view “web apps” as our “savior”, or I wouldn’t be leading the LiMo Foundation’s Native Development SDK Task Force, would I? As it happens, I’m presenting on the difference between saying you have an open platform and actually having one.

    So, you gonna come and tell me what you think to my face, or are you gonna continue to hide…? (We know the answer, don’t we?)

    Hey, straight up question: do you even have a job, Mike? I only ask because you seem to have endless time to update your blog, and to wander around drooling over equipment you never actually buy. Are your incessant predictions of my imminent unemployment fueled by jealousy of someone who’s managing to make himself a good life when you can’t…?

  6. mikecane Says:

    You just don’t know when you stop, do you? What is this insane compulsion that is driving you to Comment? Do you really think anyone is paying attention?

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