Red Room: Social Net For Writers

Red Room (beta)

Welcome to Red Room, the online home of the world’s greatest writers. Through original, author-generated content, we offer a trustworthy and creative social network unlike any other. Here, you can connect with your favorite authors, access current industry news, and comment on engaging features. By fostering true community between authors and readers, Red Room showcases esteemed writers and inspires the next generation. We also give back to the community we aim to nurture with our commitment to the Causes We Support.

To be in the Red Room is to be part of the conversation.

Matthew St. Amand clued me in to this. He already has a page there.

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3 Comments on “Red Room: Social Net For Writers”

  1. ramin Says:

    The people who started this site also run a pretty unique writing workshop in San Francisco ( where you go once a week and basically write in silence. It’s amazing how much you get done if you can carve out an hour of quiet-time in your life.

    Quite a lot of the people who were active writers in the program went over to work on the online community, so the people behind it are all enthusiasts and lovers of books and writers.

    (Disclosure: I finished the first draft of a novel at the writing program and am an advisor to the site.)

    It’s a pretty unique community and they’ve got a lot of cool features planned for it. Can’t recommend them enough.

  2. mikecane Says:

    Why did they call it Red Room? It sounds like the vestibule for prostitution!

    I don’t see any connection to writing with that title. (Now, if they had called it Red Rum…!)

  3. ramin Says:

    The “Red Room Writer’s Society” writing workshops are held at the Archbishop’s Mansion in San Francisco ( which is a historic site now converted into a small hotel.

    IIRC, the Red Room is the name of the dining room where the sessions are held. Here’s a small picture:

    If it wasn’t an actual prelate’s home, you could easily mistake the decor for a bordello. But it fits with the ‘Barbary Coast’ theme of the place.

    The Red Room people are having fun with it now. Everything they put out has a ‘red’ theme. They just carried the name over to the social network.

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