Apple: $100 Price Cut Or Free Music?

There have been two rumors floating around.

1) Apple will cut the price of the iPod Touch and iPhone by $100

2) Apple will offer iTunes music subscriptions

Actually, I think #2 will actually be free music. That’s what the Finns are offering.

I think these two rumors are connected.

If the record labels don’t jump on Apple’s offer, Apple will simply cut the price of the iPod Touch and iPhone.

If the record labels agree, the unit prices will remain as they are and that “price cut” will wind up in the pockets of the record labels.

Which would you rather have? Free music or lower hardware prices?

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4 Comments on “Apple: $100 Price Cut Or Free Music?”

  1. Ray Says:

    I’d pay $100 more for free unlimited music if it was to their entire library, who wouldn’t?! But they would be INSANE to give away free music just for paying more for an iPhone. They would be more likely to do a monthly subscription. I think $15-20/month would be reasonable for most users and it’s more than Apple or the record companies make off most customers right now. I signed up with Rhapsody’s unlimited music service a while back, but it wasn’t every artist, so it was pretty useless.

  2. mark Says:

    It would depend on how much the cut would’ve been if they had not given me the “free” music. For $20 for two years “rental” (no burning, no access after two years), I’d go with free music. For $40 for two years and ability to keep 40 or more downloads for life, I’d go with the music. For $100, I’d go with the price cut.

  3. Landon Says:

    i already get free music, the cheaper hardware is more attractive to me.

  4. mikecane Says:

    @Landon: Hmmm… trouble with tenses, perhaps? Otherwise the RIAA wants a small word with you in future. Ha!

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