Barbie Bandits: The End

‘Barbie Bandits’ Are Sentenced in Georgia

MARIETTA, Ga. — The “Barbie bandits” who went on a shopping spree after they were videotaped wearing sunglasses and laughing during an $11,000 bank heist were sentenced Monday, one to jail and another to probation.

Ashley Miller, 19, will have to serve only two years of a 10-year sentence and must complete the rest on probation. She pleaded guilty to theft and drug charges.

Heather Johnston, also 19, was sentenced to 10 years’ probation for her role in the February 2007 heist in Acworth, northwest of Atlanta.

Ah, well.

After all the posts I did on the old blog, I felt I had to have a final one to wrap it all up.

Ashley’s stonewalling made it worse for her.

Heather cooperated.

Good luck to both. Don’t give the media any more reasons to write about you two girls. (At least, not any more bad reasons.)

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2 Comments on “Barbie Bandits: The End”

  1. Could we please get a follow-up when these sassy gals get their hollywood deal? (if they haven’t already)

  2. mikecane Says:

    There is a Z-rated exploitation filmmaker out there who claimed to have a script and one of those forgettable android minor models-of-the-moment to play Heather. He asked if I wanted to read his script. My reply was, um, in the negative.

    There will be slime sending in offers to both, I’m sure, to pose nude in some magazine. I hope both of the girls are wise enough to tell those people to go stuff themselves.

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