iPhone Camera Test




Photos taken at Apple Store Soho yesterday, Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008. I emailed them to myself. So they went from being 2MP down to 90K VGAs and then resampled and rescaled for this post.

Of course I was an eejit spazz doing them. I kept hitting the physical Home button and wondering where the hell the photo went. Duh. The button is soft, on-screen, as any iPhone owner already frikkin knows.

I was there mid-afternoon and the wireless network was hell to try to use. Next time I’ll have to remember to shut WiFi off and try EDGE (which, in NYC, is nearly as fast as WiFi). (I am assuming that turning WiFi off leads to Safari using EDGE. Am I right or being a spazz here?)

You can see the crowds for yourself. You’d never know we’re on the cusp of a total end-of-the-world financial meltdown from the way that place is always packed. By the way, what you’re seeing up there on the second level is part of the Genius Bar.

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