iPhone: What’s The Point Of iTransmogrify?

iTransmogrify is a neat little bookmark hack that purports to allow people to view Flash video on the iPhone.

The only thing is, based on my tests this weekend, I don’t see the real point of it.

I followed the instructions and confirmed that it worked on my own blog.

The videos here and here appeared as touted.

But this video from Google Video did not.

Nor did this test video from Veoh.

I asked Judie Lipsett of Gear Diary to load iTransmogrify on her iPhone and she confirmed she couldn’t see the Google and Veoh videos, either.

I did go directly to Veoh too. It didn’t work there, either.

I didn’t have time to try hulu.

The thing is, those three YouTube videos are available on YouTube itself in iPhone-compatible format. I confirmed that.

So, what’s the point of iTransmogrify, really, if it can’t do Google or Veoh?

I don’t mean to dump on an imaginative developer who has provided a neat little workaround. But because of its limitations, I’m wondering if anyone has found it useful.

Leave a Comment with your own experience.

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4 Comments on “iPhone: What’s The Point Of iTransmogrify?”

  1. Eytan Says:

    iTransmorgify explains what it does, and does that very well. On sites that specifically have YouTube (and YourTube only) videos, it locates and creates a link for you to the YouTube video so as you can click on it and watch it. Many people embed YouTube videos on their sites. It has no magical powers beyond that, no, it cannot take Flash video and automagically convert it – all it does is locate something fro you on the YouTube site that otherwise would look like a logo cube in your iPhone’s Safari browser….

  2. mikecane Says:

    YouTube-only, huh? Well, what’s the difference if I also put a YouTube *link* when posting a YouTube video? Sure, in Safari they’ll see a box in the blog, but if they hit the link they can go see the video directly in YouTube. And do it without having to bother with iTransmogrify. Am I missing something here?

  3. Eytan Says:

    The difference is you do not need to custom design the page for iPhone users, and you can embed the video in the web page like others do. As I said, it does what it does very well, but that is all it does…

  4. Dan Says:

    Eytan, I think you have misunderstood what iTransmogrify claims. To quote from the project’s home page, “The iTransmogrify! bookmarklet recognizes and converts a variety of embedded Flash content from web pages so they will play on iPhone.”

    Here is their web page with the list of all the video sources they currently support: http://code.google.com/p/itransmogrify/wiki/TestSuite. Clearly, it is more than simply forwarding to YouTube videos.

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