iPodAir.com Update

Still no reply to an email query sent yesterday to the domain registrant.

I’ve just sent a second one.

I also did something none of the sites that have pointed to that entry have apparently done.

I called the phone number of the domain registrant.

And I got a frikkin carrier tone blasted into my ear!

I haven’t heard one of those since the 1980s and BBSes!

I didn’t stay on long enough to determine if it was a computer or a fax machine. (You other sites, feel free to follow up on that and I’ll point to you. Phone number here.)

There’s been speculation that the owner is deliberately pointing to Apple now as an overt act of cybersquatting.

Others have suggested the WhoIs information does yet reflect an ownership change.

While others think Apple Legal might have have a word with him and he’s dropped any ideas of cashing in and is pointing to Apple to avoid legal difficulties, with the domain going to Apple upon its registration expiration.

I’ve also seen discussions about the very idea of an “iPod Air” being ridiculous.

I still don’t think so and posted my original reasons here.

Let me expand on that.

There’s clearly a gap in Apple’s line between the iPhone on the pocketable side of things and the MacBook on the totable end. The iPhone OS (which is what Apple is calling it in the iSDK texts) is clearly designed for what I’m terming minimalist computing. That is, the lowest common denominator of tasks people tend to do while on the go.

That’s what Asus has been cashing in on with its EeePC subnotebook. That’s what Everex is trying to grab a piece of with its CloudBook. There are other entrants too: MSI, Intel, and hp, to name just three.

The MacBook is too large and too heavy. The MacBook Air is just too expensive (and to me, still too big).

There’s a place for an “iPod Air.” A screen of six inches or so in a form factor no larger than the Sony Reader, which I still think is the ideal size for a take-along device:

Think of how lovely a Jon Ive design would be!

Don’t bother questioning me about how such a thing could be or what it would be like. Apple has the clever brains, not me. (Nor do you: Admit that you too never imagined a cellphone could be as great as the iPhone. It came out of frikkin nowhere; its gestalt was never buzzed around as The New New Thing.) I simply see a gap in the Apple hardware continuum and this is what makes sense to me as the next thing.

And don’t forget this, either: Despite Steve Jobs’s objection (no, actually, because of them), I believe Apple will enter eBooks. eBooks require a larger screen than an iPhone. Ask anyone who reads books with charts or who reads manga!

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2 Comments on “iPodAir.com Update”

  1. alex Says:

    I am A big Fan of you, man .. you ROCK ! :)

  2. Pigumon Says:

    Apple Full Color 300DPI E-Ink iPhone Air.

    A comic fanboy’s (wet) dream.

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