You CAN Fight And WIN!


Did you know that Superman was for the longest time an object of torment to its own creators?

For decades they never saw a dime for their creation?

From Superman, which for decades was virtually a defining icon of the American spirit!

Both creators are dead, God rest their souls, but their heirs kept up the fight.

And won!

The Siegel Superman decision

A Siegel Superman copyright decision FAQ

I hope this is the opening shot in stripping the megacorporations of the creations they’ve looted from their creators.

Creators should forever own the rights of their creations. By law other entities should be prevented from coming into ownership of those rights!

The old days of “business” equaling legalized coercion and theft are over.

Don’t shed a tear for Time Warner/D.C. Comics.

This is just a small pinch of what they deserve.

Next, dear God Almighty, let me live long enough to see justice done for the estate of Jack Kirby!

Update: Go read Nikki Finke about this. Wonderful stuff. (Update: Link fixed.)

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