WoozyFly.com :: Girls Don’t Cry, One More Day

Ah, Girls. I miss you. I haven’t played your songs since you broke up.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.woozyfly.com posted with vodpod

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2 Comments on “WoozyFly.com :: Girls Don’t Cry, One More Day”

  1. samantha Says:


    I came here via the link on the girls don’t cry myspace page. wow, i am rather disappointed to find out that they have actually disbanded. I have been checking back to their myspace from time to time ever since i chanced upon them last year, hoping to hear some new material. I had no idea they have broken up. Anyway, i was wondering if you know of any other sites apart from their myspace where I could hear more of their songs? Thanks!


  2. mikecane Says:

    Nope, there’s only their MySpace page and their fallow site: http://www.girlsdontcry.com

    There are no plans for them to regroup, either.

    The WoozyFly video I posted is the only song that was never recorded for CD.

    There are some YouTube videos still:


    There are also many pictures on the old blog:


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