Truckers Strike 2008: Additional

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Links given by a trucker (in a Comment here):

Statement from MySpace page holder (in a Comment here) (lightly edited to improve clarity):

We are The American Trucker…

Good Morning All,

I’ve have had a very Long weekend.

I’m glad this week has arrived.

I’ve had several calls over the weekend from news media outlets. Bloomberg was probably the biggest so the word is still traveling at the speed of light.

I hear alot of “I’m waiting to see what happens.”

If we all wait to see what everyone else does we will accomplish nothing.

We have to shutdown and make a stand. Now is the time to take action. If we don’t speak for ourselves who will — the ATA, OOIDA? They care enough for us to wash their hands of this protest. But send them your money [and] they will speak on important issues.

I’m tired of paying Lumpers to unload my truck, I’m tired of high insurrance, I’m tired of waiting for hours in a dock with no pay, Brokers keeping money that was intended for fuel.

We should all be tired and it is time we let them know.

By now everyone knows about the protest. But we need to keep on the support.

My own local news station reported last night on this but they have it wrong.

This protest isn’t a one day protest. This protest is all week and longer if needs to be.

This protest is not aimed at the public we want public support.

This protest will be the biggest protest ever accomplish by the American Trucker and we plan to speak loudly.

God Bless you all thank you for your support.

Links from the first MySpace page holder:,0,3589923.story

Pissed CRST

myspace again

God bless the American trucker!

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