D.I.Y. Book Anthologies?

Youeditor: Anthology Builder and the self-selected table of contents

Fulda, who is also an editor for Baen’s Universe (a short fiction ezine), said that Anthology Builder was born out of her own frustrations as a beginning writer; she wanted to sample stories from multiple publications to get a feel for an editor’s taste, but buying sample copies is expensive. There was no way to pluck out a single story for a quick read without purchasing an entire issue.

“Later, when I started publishing stories, I realized how ephemeral the lifespan of a short story really is,” she told me last month. ” A story would appear in this month’s issue of a magazine, and by next month, everyone had forgotten it. It was old news, and three or four years down the line, there really was no way for someone who liked my writing to track down that story, even if they were willing to go through the effort.”

I hadn’t heard of this before now.

Oddly, it uses ink-on-paper POD (Print On Demand). I wonder if it would be possible to do ebook versions?

I also wonder what the prospects for this are, especially with Sony offering short stories for a small fee?

The lifespan of short stories is worse than imagined. Several years ago I had to travel to northern Manhattan in order to find a copy of a science fiction digest magazine in a university library in order to read a Barry Malzberg short story. The vaunted New York Public Library’s various collections lacked a copy of that digest! Now, if the university’s copy had been lost or stolen, that short story would have been completely inaccessible to me.

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