Truckers Strike 2008: 3 A.M. Wake-Up Toot


I’m dismayed — but not altogether surprised — to see so little coverage of the Truckers Strike on the Net. (Separately, I’m also pissed off my posts have not shown up on Technorati, but that alleged search engine for blogs has peaked and is clearly in decline.)

One Comment here stated:

I have gone to a few websites and they are putting down the trucking industry, calling us names, saying we are nothing but uneducated hillbillys.

Christ, now those are writers who have their heads up their asses.

The cabs of today’s trucks are virtually as complex as space capsules used to be. A moron couldn’t figure them out. And I’ve never seen truckers trying to get their rigs to jump in the air like The General Lee.

I’ve already quoted a news report today that states ninety percent of the trucks on roads today are independently owned and operated. These are business people. These aren’t eejits! They’re not about to jeopardize their livelihoods by acting stupid.

It seems to me the Net crowd won’t recognize what’s going on until their supplies of iPods and iPhones start drying up on shelves.

I think that’s far too long to make the smug HDTV-owning bastards wait.

Some truckers might want to investigate the possibilities of assembling in Silicon Valley one night at 3 A.M. Synchronize watches. At 3 A.M. sharp, blast those airhorns for a full minute to wake the bastards up from their tech-centric slumbers. Invite them back into the real world.

Oh you can be sure they’ll mention that in their blogs! Because that’s the way they operate: Me-me-me.

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