Truckers Strike 2008: Day One


Some Truckers Plan Strike Over Diesel Costs

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — With fuel prices rising, a group of truckers said they are prepared to strike.

Diesel fuel has reached another milestone; it has surpassed the $4 mark across much of the nation, according to AAA.

In Tennessee, diesel fuel is going for around $3.95 a gallon, but in 24 other states, it’s at least $4.02.

Because of this, many independent truckers are organizing a nationwide strike starting April 1 through April 3. After paying their monthly truck note, then having to deal with soaring diesel prices, independent truckers said they don’t have any money to support their families or pay bills.

“Make a stand, we’re going to unite. It’s something we’ve needed to do,” said truck driver Carla Skipworth.

Many truckers are spreading the word thorough Internet blogs and over their CB radios, encouraging everyone to put their trucks in park in order to send the message to U.S. oil companies and the federal government.

This is a story Drudge Report linked to this morning.

So finally millions are catching on to the news.

God bless the American trucker!

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