Future iPods: Piper Jaffray’s Blind Spot

Report: sub-$200 WiFi touchscreen iPods from Apple by holidays

[…] In fact, we believe the concept of the iPod will change in the next 12-18 months from a standalone music player to a mobile Internet device that fits in your pocket.

Well DUH! Yeah!

The blind spot comes in because all this analyst can see is Apple moving prices downward. While some of that could happen, the obvious thing for Apple to do is what it is known to do: create more powerful and more expensive models.

Apple could have had a lower-priced iPhone today. But it chose not to. It discontinued the 4GB model. The 8GB iPhone quickly became the minimum platform and a 16GB model was introduced. While the iPod Touch currently tops at 32GB.

The next move is a larger-screen model that will permit ebook reading. A larger screen model that can accommodate GPS circuitry and features. A larger screen model that can be used as a productivity tool with a wireless keyboard.

In other words, the iPod Air.

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