Harlan Coben: Writer’s Perspective

Visiting my publisher, signing books, lucky man


I walked into the room, pen akimbo — and the table of books you see here was what greeted me.

“Wow,” I said, taking the above photo with my phone.

“Oh that’s only about half of them.”

I sat down and got to work. As I came upon my second hour of signing, someone asked, as someone inevitably does, “Isn’t your hand getting sore?”

The honest answer: No.

My hand only gets sore when NO ONE wants me to sign a book. I still remember my early days, sitting in some Waldenbooks at a mall, no one approaching me, trying to look busy, playing with my pen, straightening out my untouched pile of bookmarks, feeling something like the authorial equivalent to a poster child (“You can buy his book…or you can turn the page…”).

Now I’m supposed to complain because too many people want me to sign their books???

Forget it.

Click the link to read the rest of his blog entry at MySpace.

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