Truckers Strike 2008: Day Two


Is it Day Two? Looking around the Net, it seems there’s an effort to minimize the importance and impact of any action.

Trucker’s Protest Diesel Fuel Prices

Truck Drivers Protest

Truckers Protest – Going to State Senators Office

God Bless the American trucker!

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2 Comments on “Truckers Strike 2008: Day Two”

  1. hotoffthepress Says:

    I interviewed Dan Little, the man generally credited with launching the trucker shutdown yesterday, and he believes the effort was 100 percent successful. The near future, as far as the trucking industry and its impact on this country, should be interesting.

  2. Shari Says:

    I have only questions! I’ve been wanting to get a CDL and go on the road since 2005. I had a careless driving ticket at the time, rendering me uninsurable to every company I talked to. I was 6 months from a clean record and did it again! ( I dont always speed, but I always get caught if I do.) Now I have exactly 1 yr this month when that last ticket drops, & trust me, I’ve been good. The problem is this gas situation that gets worse by the day, did I pick a bad time for this career move? Companies begged for drivers in 2005. I was looking forward to finding one that payed me to get my cdl, which appeared to be a wide open market. I dont ever plan on being any thing but a company driver, no leasing etc. I havent kept up on things real well except to see that owner/operators are taking a huge beating right now. Do you veteran drivers know or have educated thoughts on your future behind the wheel? How about the future OF THE wheel in general? Would buying a horse and cart be a better career move? Thank you for your time!

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