Christopher Fowler: March 2009

Oh my god. The wait will kill me … unless I die first.

I went over to Christopher Fowler’s site today to see if the cover for the upcoming Bryant & May mystery had been posted yet.


But I did find news of a Fowler memoir being published:

‘Paperboy’ sold to Transworld

The back cover copy reads: Superman, Dracula, The Avengers, Treasure Island…when you’re ten years old, you can fall in love with any story so long as it’s a good one. But what if you’re growing up in a house without books?

Christopher Fowler’s touching childhood memoir captures life in suburban London as it has rarely been seen, through the eyes of a lonely boy who spends his days between the library and the cinema, devouring novels, comics, films, cereal packet-backs, anything that might reveal a story. But it’s 1960, and after fifteen years of war repair, his family is not ready for a child cursed with too much imagination…

Caught between an ever-sensible, exhausted mother and a father fighting his own demons, Chris increasingly takes refuge in words. His parents try to understand their son’s peculiar obsessions, but they fast lose patience with him – and each other. As a war of nerves escalates to include every member of the family, something has to give. But does it mean that boys must always give up their dreams for the tough lessons of real life?

By turns moving, painful and hilarious, this is a story about never knowing where a dream might lead, but deciding to follow it anyway. What Nigel Slater’s ‘Toast’ did for food, ‘Paperboy’ does for the art of storytelling…’

‘The book is fabulous, and I hope it sells forever’ – Joanne Harris

‘Paperboy’ comes out in March 2009.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

You lucky Brits have an opportunity to meet Fowler the genius in his own personage later this month:

April 27th @ 7:00pm North London’s Highgate Library.

Yes, I know it’s a library and potentially boring, but the organizer seems very nice and we’re bound to be going for a drink afterwards to argue about books, so come along!

Someone get over there and take some pictures for me.

I promise I’ll have your baby (for dinner!), if you do.

Update: New word on that appearance:

Phoned Highgate Library and was told that the reading on April 27 is part of a course and not open to the public .Would need to have been enrolled on course to attend.


(Sidenote to publisher Transworld: Your YouTube area has gone stale. Refresh!)

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