Mark Billingham: Writer, Crime Victim

I’m waaaaay behind in reading Billingham’s excellent Thorne series. But that doesn’t stop me from checking his site now and again to see just how far behind I continue to get!

Here’s something to read of his right now: ‘Down on the floor or you’re fucking dead…’

An article written for the Sunday Times. Mark explains how his own horrific experience of violent crime influenced his crime writing.


And here’s a bit of Thorne I carry around in my PDA:

A couple walked toward him hand in hand. They were young, in their early thirties, loose-limbed and straight-backed. He wore baggy-fitting beige trousers and a white sweater. She wore tight white jeans and a cream fleecy top. They walked easily together in step, smiling at something said earlier.

As the pair came nearer to him, brash and bulletproof, Thorne felt envy burn through his body like caustic soda dissolving the fat in a drain. They were somehow so light and so immaculate, the two of them. An advertiser’s dream couple, walking off the coffee and croissants enjoyed in some beautifully converted warehouse. Thorne knew that they had good jobs and cooked exotic meals for perfect friends and had great sex. They enjoyed everything and doubted nothing.

They were undamaged.

— Sleepyhead, pg. 189

There are many YouTube videos of Billingham available. Here’s one that’s particularly good:

Mark Billingham — The Book Show Episode 13– Sky Arts

Now go read Billingham.

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