Amazing Kreskin: Olympics Doom?


Via MySpace Bulletin:

Everyone seems to be buzzing about the Beijing Summer Olympics, however, The Amazing Kreskin has a very serious prediction and commentary about the event. He will reveal his visions on the Joey Reynolds Show Monday, April 7th at midnight. “People have no idea the devastating impact the Olympics will have in the state of affairs between China and the United States,” stated Kreskin. Tune in to get details.

Emphasis added by me.

Joey Reynolds show on WOR-AM

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3 Comments on “Amazing Kreskin: Olympics Doom?”

  1. Kreskin Fans Says:

    Thank you very much for bringing more awareness to this important message!

  2. TM Says:

    So what did Kreskin say about the Beijing Olympics?? I can’t find any info on the web.

  3. mikecane Says:

    I asked him via MySpace too. He hasn’t replied. I should do that again. I want to know and follow up with a post here!

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