Photo Album: Space:1999

WordPress says we can now upload several images at a time. So, I’ve decided to try it on some screensnaps I had from an episode of Space:1999.

Oh wow! There’s a Gallery option now! You can click on those above to see the full-size ones.

But I want each one full-size because I don’t like the speedbump of clicking on each one …

OK, two things:

1) Too much white space underneath the Gallery. I can’t find a way to fix that (yet!).

2) The Gallery numbering order is screwy. The full-size ones are in correct numerical order. The Gallery is not (it put the last image first!).

But yeah: I can now Shift-Click on a bunch of filenames in the file selection box and upload them all in one swoop! This is great!

Update: There’s also that issue of text right after a Gallery being too small.

Update 2: WordPress made some suggestions to fix things. One didn’t work — it sorted the photos in reverse number order(!), the other one made the photos too big. Clearly a bug that needs to be fixed.

Update 3: Yes! WordPress Support came through with the solution! To put them in correct numbered order, the HTML is (without the spaces): [ gallery orderby=”post_title ASC” ]

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