Ralph Nader: The President We Need


Via email:

The Democrats are just another corporate party.

As such, they are a disaster for the American people.

If you had any lingering doubts about this, check out the front page of the Wall Street Journal yesterday.

The article is titled: Business Donors Bypass McCain, Democrats Rake In Cash From Industry by Brody Mullins.

Mullins reports that both Obama and Clinton have been cleaning McCain’s clock “among business interests that give mainly to Republicans.”

Of seven major industries that have been the most reliable Republican resources, McCain has raised $13.1 million through February, compared with $22.5 million for Obama and $27.1 million for Clinton, the Journal reported.

Now, ask yourself – if the Democrats were the party of the people, if they were truly going to make the corporations serve the American people, would the corporate executives be dumping millions into their campaigns?

No they would not.

Right now, the American people are subservient to the corporations and their puppet politicians in both parties.

Nader/Gonzalez would turn that around.

Under Nader/Gonzalez, the corporations would serve the people.

That’s the message Nader/Gonzalez is taking to every state in the union in this 2008 election campaign.



Vote Nader 2008 website


He fought for us. Now we must fight for him!

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