WordPress 2.5 And Internet Explorer 7

This is a post for fellow WordPress users who are still having problems uploading to the new WordPress 2.5.

I tried Internet Explorer 7 (under XP) and didn’t have any problems.

I took a screensnap of the items IE7 is working with on my PC.

Perhaps if people compare this to what they have, we can pinpoint the problem for everyone.

Click on this snap to see it full size:

Note: I’ve blacked out items that pertain to some online games because that would be confusing. (The damaged item is some sort of Yahoo plug-in. Ignore that!)

To get that, do this:

Then click on the System Information button here:

Note: It might take a while to open that new window. Be patient!

And then in the sidebar that appears, click on the red highlighted items to expand and then finally on the last purple highlighted item to generate the list shown above.

Note: It might take a while to populate that list. Have patience!

I hope this provides at least some clues to the ongoing problems people are having!

(I’m now wondering if an ActiveX control could be a possible culprit?)

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2 Comments on “WordPress 2.5 And Internet Explorer 7”

  1. Nikita Says:

    hi Mikecane… i also suspected an ActiveX… i don’t know…thanks for all your help… i will go and check and see if anything else was installed after the changes..on my pc… i didn’t download anything the past few days…apart from blogdesk…AFTER i realised i have problems with WordPress-pics…

  2. Mark Says:

    Thought you may like to know a fix was found. There are some errant commas in some of the code. You can find a fix here: http://trac.wordpress.org/changeset/7573

    Works perfectly and only takes seconds to fix.

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