Blog Notes: BlogDesk Is Fantastic!!

Update: I’ve run into an issue with BlogDesk. It doesn’t offer a formatting icon for blockquote. The only way I could find to do that was to look at the HTML in Source View and type it in manually. When I tried to Insert HTML in Normal View, it really screwed it up and I had to go in and clean up the HTML. I think tomorrow I will try either ScribeFire or Windows Live Writer.

Update 2: I tried Windows Live Writer.

Update 3: I’ve gone back to BlogDesk. And it does have Blockquote. I should have been a bit more adventurous in exploring the icons. It’s there — as Indent (Citation/Blockquote). BlogDesk is fast and I like its interface. I recommend it.

That prior post was done all in BlogDesk!

Click for larger image.

It’s bloody amazing!

I was able to compose and assemble everything offline (well, I did have Firefox open too, to get reference links!).

I could even spellcheck offline (not that it did me any good; several typos slipped through that I only saw post-upload via Preview Post!).

The entire process couldn’t be simpler.

It was a hell of a lot better than being online and dealing with the screen form!

I didn’t have to worry about uploading graphics. BlogDesk took care of all of that.

This is great! This puts me one step closer to blogging away from the desktop!

(This post was composed online because, well, old habits die hard! Besides, I was here to publish that last post.)

Anyone who’s been struggling with the new WordPress 2.5 upgrade — try BlogDesk!

Special thanks to WordPress blogger sondan who brought up the subject and to WordPress blogger thesacredpath for educating me! I never knew I could do this — and I’ve been on WordPress for over a frikkin year!

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4 Comments on “Blog Notes: BlogDesk Is Fantastic!!”

  1. yogini Says:

    Hello Mike
    About a month ago I accidentally deleted a post that took hours to compose. That led me on a search for offline blog editors. Blog Desk is okay, but better yet I found:
    Windows Live Writer………….amazing! It has many features unavailable with Blog Desk.
    Firefox’s Scribefire is pretty cool too. Check them out.

  2. Netty Gritty Says:

    i use scribefire sometimes. and i like it.

  3. miramar Says:

    Need a new control panel allows me to import new templates because the control panel will not allow me to import and impose that chose the Code of templates available, I’ll just import new templates are right and the left column
    Thank you

  4. mikecane Says:

    What I think you’re saying is you want to use templates other than the ones offered by WordPress. That’s not possible unless you self-host.

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