Britain Commits Suicide — Again!

Islamo Fascism Awareness II Week April 7-11

Abu Qatada wins fight against deportation

Abu Qatada, the firebrand preacher once described as “Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe”, won his fight against deportation from Britain today.

The Government’s anti-terror policy was dealt a second massive blow as the courts forced the Home Office to abandon its deportation case against 12 other terror suspects.

Home Office minister Tony McNulty said Qatada would not be released from jail, and pledged to appeal against the ruling.

In a separate case, two Libyans known only as AS and DD won their appeals against deportation.

The decision led the Home Office to drop the deportation case against them and 10 other Libyans suspected of terrorism.

Emphasis added by me.

Are there no men left in Britain?

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2 Comments on “Britain Commits Suicide — Again!”

  1. creeping Says:

    Londonistan… people just aren’t aware of the serious infiltration across the world…it is on a massive scale…just read today there are 300K Palestinians in Chile….and more on the way, and Honduras’ economy is dominated by Arabs…check back for a post on that soon

  2. creeping Says:

    if you get a chance…here’s an important topic that needs to spread through blog nation

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