Oprah Uses Skype

I now try to check into the start of the Oprah show daily, since it provided fodder for two prior posts (here and here).

Today she’s doing some sort of televised class results from this online course she’s providing for her latest self-improvement fad (and it is a fad — if it wasn’t, why didn’t all of her past shows provide lasting improvement?). (Besides that, the few snippets of Tolle’s spiel I’ve heard makes me suspect he is parroting what Jiddu Krishnamurti did far more convincingly — and far more intelligently!)

What prompted this post was a behind-the-scenes shot of the preparations for today’s show. They showed something called the Skype Control Room.

Here’s a snapshot from the video promo on her website of today’s show, displaying the Wall of Skype (as I call it):


I’m probably the only frikkin person in the world not using Skype. (A distinction I wear with pride.)

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