Blog Notes: Testing Windows Live Writer

So here I am trying a totally different offline blog post composition tool.

This time Windows Live Writer.

I already dislike it.

My screen is set for 1024 x 768, and the bottom of the WLW pane runs past the bottom edge of my screen!  And when I use the Expand box, I can’t grab the corner to custom size it!

Plus, it already failed to grab my blog’s template!

I also don’t like the fact I have to use a frikkin popup to select Categories!  That’s one thing to remember, because I’m not seeing it in a side pane, as in BlogDesk.

I do see an icon for Blockquote

Which works in an odd way.  But at least it has that.

Let me see what it does with inserting a picture:


Ah, the pretty blonde from the movie The Diving Bell and the Butterfly.

Crap, I have to specify options for it?  It won’t just put it in actual size and leave it alone?

OK, that’s a wrap for this test.  Let me ship this.

Editing online as draft: Two things. The frikkin HTML is one big blob. Second, I forgot the damned Categories while still in WLW! Don’t think I’ll use this.

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