Cliff Burns: Free Novel!


Writer Cliff Burns, who sparked some interesting Comment exchanges here, has put his novel on the Net for free.

So Dark the Night is available as a PDF file and Cliff says this about it:

It is a pleasure to introduce you to Cassandra Zinnea and Evgeny Nightstalk. They’re creatures of the night without the pointy teeth and aversion to garlic. They frequent shadowy, darkened streets and confront the uncanny and ghastly with cool heads and stout hearts. They make a great team, brains and brawn, beauty and the beast–their adversaries should be on their guard, these are two operatives who don’t scare easily, investigators with nerves of steel.

This is the download link.

Cliff already knows I’ve got a huge backlog of reading and tackling a PDF is not yet something I’m prepared to do.

But the rest of you go ahead and be sure to leave him comments at his blog.

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One Comment on “Cliff Burns: Free Novel!”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:


    You’re very kind to plug my novel–even though you’re not a fan of ye olde PDF’s (I empathize but a drowning man will grab the point of a sword, know what I mean?). And thanks for boosting the cover art–I came across Ado Ceric’s brilliant work purely by accident and fell in love with it. He’s already doing some preliminary sketches for my next novel, which I’ll be posting around the end of June. We’ve often agreed to disagree, Mike, and I’ve always respected your views and your love for the printed word. Keep at it and thanks again.

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