England: The Coming Explosion

The question is best asked with these words: What the fuck is happening to England?

Eighties popstar beaten to pulp

EIGHTIES pop star Mark Shaw was beaten to a pulp by a gang of yobs in an unprovoked attack when he popped out to buy milk.

Then Jerico frontman Mark, 46, needed 15 stitches in his head after he was left in a pool of blood following a beating in which his own walking stick was used as a weapon.

He said he feared he would have been killed if cops had not arrived when they did.

His appalling injuries included four holes in his skull, a broken nose, two black eyes and a cracked tooth.

Emphasis added by me.

For simply walking outside to buy some milk!

Single Mark – who had a 1989 hit with Big Area and more recently stormed off ITV1 80s revival show Reborn In The USA – had nipped into his local corner shop to buy milk when he spotted the gang.

He said: “I tried to steer clear of them because they looked quite intimidating.

“But one of them deliberately bodychecked me then shouted at me when I ignored him and carried on.

“As I turned round, he punched me with full force in the face and knocked me to the ground.”

One of them picked up a metal stick Mark has used to walk with since shattering his heels after falling off stage during a gig.

He said: “I bought the stick in New Orleans when I was out there doing Reborn In The USA.

“It’s made of two inch-thick metal so it’s really solid.

“They battered me with it until it was bent in two.[“]

Emphasis added by me.

I wrote to a pal in England:

There will come an explosion at some point.

And it will be very ugly and ruthless.

Thing wrong about that is, the innocent tend to get hurt.

That’s if there are still any real men left in England besides Margaret Thatcher!

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