Planetakis: Free Album!

Planetakis was one of the first bands I came across in my early days at MySpace.

I heard their song Wir Gehen In’s Hotel and was hooked.

As you can tell from that song title, Planetakis is not an American band. They’re in Germany. And there are only two people in it: Jenny Fey and Robert Drakogiannakis.

And they rock like crazy!

Planetakis is one of the few bands who really know how to use the Net. Their website offers not only a free MP3 download, but you can also listen to every track they’ve recorded right at the site!

Plus, they also show the lyrics!

And today they sent out a MySpace Bulletin that sent me scrambling.

They’re offering the instrumental version of their second album for free!


This is the download link.

I grabbed it immediately. It’s about 68MB zipped.

The first song I played was Letters To Norway.


This song is great! Click that link to hear it for yourself. (It’s the actual song; not the instrumental version.)

The one good side-effect of the American Dollar plummeting is that I hope Planetakis will come to America to play!

That’s something I really want to see!

Now go get their free album!

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