Truckers Strike 2008: April 28th Rally In D.C.


Via MySpace Bulletin (I won’t put it in boxed blockquote, so it will be easier to read; edited lightly for clarity):

April 28th Rally To Washington D.C.
For Truckers And Citizens

Hey guys, just wanted to let everyone know that this rally is for everyone, whether you ride a motorcycle or tractor, drive a car/truck or an 18-wheeler.

If you fuel it up, it’s for YOU.

We would like to see a record number of people for the Convoy to DC on April 28th.

There is only one way to be heard and that’s by showing solidarity.

The guys organizing all of this are the same ones that brought you the April 1 Shut Down and the Convoy that was in fact heard loud and clear in Harrisburg, PA.

April 28, 2008 Rally to Washington D.C.
for Truckers and Citizens

Drivers and citizens are tired of paying high fuel cost all across the country. We are standing up together to make a difference.


Meeting to be held on April 12, 2008 at Saturday 2pm (eastern )

At the Gables Truck Stop (I-81 exit 77)
Manada Hill Exit in Harrisburg, PA

Everyone Who Is Affected By High Fuel Costs Is Urged To Participate
(This Includes: Gas, Heating Oils and Diesel Fuels)

On April 28, 2008 Rally to Washington D.C.

Shut the trucks down on May 5th 2008 if they do not listen!!!!

This DOES take a toll each and every one of us.

Stand up, speak out or go broke!

Mark Kirsch – 717-821-2013
Michael (JB) Schaffner – 940-923-3267

Update: Corrected second phone number.

God bless the American trucker!

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7 Comments on “Truckers Strike 2008: April 28th Rally In D.C.”

  1. Hey Mike the phone number for JB is incorrect. The correct number is 940-923-3267

    Can we change that please?

  2. mikecane Says:

    Fixed! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Sam Bryant Says:

    I believe that the best approach to high fuel prices is for everyone to call their members of the US CONGRESS and discuss this problem. This is too large of a problem and the fix is not easy. We have had an energy crisis since 1973 and this is a national problem.

    One bill before Congress is H.R.594,the Prevent Unfair Manipulation of Prices (PUMP) Act. This bill aims to crack down on “over-the-counter” futures trading that could be artificially inflating the price of oil and fuels. This bill has real teeth. Fines and jail time up to 10 years. |Call your Congress Rep 202-224-3121. Grest RALLY!

  4. SARAH Says:

    Im not sure if I have my website correct, just look me up as sarah kitchin. Im willing to repost bulletins lashing out agianst the oil industry!

  5. SARAH Says:

    not sure if that is the right url for my page. Just friends search me on myspace and I am willing to repost any and all bulletins posted against high fuel cost and refusing to buy fuel.

  6. Don Puckett Says:

    Over 55 years My income came from my artwork. I work in rare woods and copper. My income over that 55 years averaged 45K, some times higher, sometimes lower. Starting seven years ago I watch my income drop as gas prices started it’s endless corrupt climb. I began to research via the Internet the reasons behind this corruption in the crude oil industry. The long and short of my investigation proved that those legislators who sided with the oil industry was in direct relation to how deep their hands were in the pockets of the oil industry in terms of campaign contributions (bribes). In 2007 my income from my artwork dropped to less than 7K fro the first trime as gasoline prices reached the $3.50 level. At 68 the prospects of finding a job looks bleak.

  7. Lee Says:

    None od the stations even remotely covered this but then i havn’t got tv…to day is june 16. Ocean beach was dead quiet almost.. didn’t see any trucks on my way to the store ad that my freind is unusual here in Longview Wa..should have taken th e cam.

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