Warren Ellis Twists My Dendrites


When I read his first novel, Crooked Little Vein, there was a brief but very memorable appearance by a consulting detective called Falconer.

Oh did that character make Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stir in his peace!

What I didn’t know until today was this bit revealed by Ellis in a MySpace Bulletin:

Those of you who read my novel CROOKED LITTLE VEIN will hopefully remember Falconer, the weird “detective” whom Mike McGill meets on a plane. Falconer actually started out as a character whom I wrote flash-fictions around as warm-up exercises. If you never read my LiveJournal, then you probably never saw Falconer.

And there are six jaw-dropping stories!

The Return Of Falconer
Springtime For Falconer
Falconer In Love
The Joy Of Falconer
Falconer Forever

The more I consider the strange subject matter Warren Ellis is interested in and writes about, the more I think he is akin to Lafcadio Hearn, who also specialized in the peculiar.

Warren Ellis website
Warren Ellis MySpace

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3 Comments on “Warren Ellis Twists My Dendrites”

  1. Cliff Burns Says:

    Dunno, Mike, I read CROOKED LITTLE VEIN and found it quite unremarkable. How about Craig Clevenger? There’s a guy who cultivates off-beat fiction like an illegal grow op. And is there a better short story writer in America than George Saunders? Well, maybe Jim Shepard (I’m reading his collection LIKE YOU’D UNDERSTAND, ANYWAY and it’s STUNNING)…

  2. mikecane Says:


    You, you’re a troublemaker. You know now I have to try Clevenger. NYPL has two of his books, both of which have titles my brain tells me it’s seen before, but damned if I can tell where or when.

    As if I don’t have a big enough backlog as it is!

    I generally stay away from short stories. Ellis’s six were short-short. I can deal with those.

  3. mikecane Says:

    Cliff is a bigger troublemaker than I thought!

    He posted his novel on his blog and didn’t even tell me, despite my asking him to so I could do a post.

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