East Coast Corporate Liberal

Via email from the Nader campaign team (no, not to me personally; I’m on their mailing list!).

I’ll quote without blockquote to make it easier to read.

Read this one. It’s sooooo good.

Quoting commences:

Earlier this week, a poll showed Ralph Nader at ten percent in Michigan.

According to a Fox News poll, one out of seven voters nationwide would seriously consider voting for Nader.

Support for the Nader/Gonzalez platform of subordinating corporations to the will of the people is growing.

And yet, the corporate liberal media continues to give the cold shoulder to Nader/Gonzalez.

Case in point – New York Times columnist Paul Krugman.

Last month, Krugman was looking for a presidential candidacy to take on Wall Street.

He ran down the list and found Senators McCain, Obama and Clinton lacking.

But he ignored Nader/Gonzalez.

Last week, Krugman justifiably took on the ethanol industry.

Paul Krugman.He pointed out that producing a gallon of ethanol from corn uses most of the energy the gallon contains. And he made the salient point that “land used to grow biofuel feedstock is land not available to grow food – so subsidies to biofuels are a major factor in the food crisis.”

“You might put it this way – people are starving in Africa so that American politicians can court votes in farm states,” Krugman writes.

But then, in typical East Coast corporate liberal fashion, Krugman wrote:

“Oh, and in case you’re wondering, all the remaining presidential contenders are terrible on this issue.”

Excuse me?

From the beginning, Nader has been opposed to the subsidized ethanol industry as inefficient, environmentally damaging, inflationary, and as the primary fuel sustaining the corporate welfare kings.

A rudimentary news search turns up a September 17, 2004 Des Moines Register article reporting that Nader took on the ethanol industry while he was campaigning in Iowa.

And as recently as yesterday, Nader was in Illinois telling students that corn ethanol is devouring huge acreage, shortening the supply of wheat, soy and other food, and resulting in the increased prices being seen in the U.S. and abroad.

“Historically, food prices have been a source of consumer revolt,” Nader said yesterday in Illinois. “It has toppled governments in other countries.”

But being dissed by the corporate liberal media is nothing new – and it is predictable.

After all, the Nader/Gonzalez platform would subordinate corporate power to the will of the people.

That’s not exactly conducive to the corporate liberal platform of subordinating the will of the people to corporate power.

Quoting ends.

Emphasis added by me.

I love that they take a slap at Krugman. Reveals him as another Tool.

Michigan, you can do better than ten per cent. After the ravaging your state as gotten from the automakers, you’re still going to vote for one of the Big Three Corporate Candidates? How much pain do you have to suffer before you realize who’s doing it to you?

There is only one candidate worthy of your sacred right to vote!



Vote Nader 2008 website

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One Comment on “East Coast Corporate Liberal”

  1. Gekko Says:

    the only good thing about a nader candidacy is that it will siphon off votes from the obama/clinton ticket and thus help mccain win.

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