Blog Notes: Tomorrow’s A Brief Day

The weathermancers are saying tomorrow — the offline world’s Friday April 18, 2008 — will be 78F and sunny sunny sunny in New York City.

The NYPL today just dropped on me six books I put on Hold.

I’m waaaay behind in my reading.

I’ve cleared the blogging backlog today. (So far!)

Tomorrow I intend to check the Net to make sure The End Of The World hasn’t happened — and isn’t about to happen — and then I intend to flee to the outdoors.

I intend to sit in a park, read, and drool over all the women who pass by and sneer at me.

The ones who don’t sneer, I ignore. I like a challenge!

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One Comment on “Blog Notes: Tomorrow’s A Brief Day”

  1. geardiary Says:

    Dork! :lol:

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