Palm’s Worst Nightmare: HWR For iPhone

Wet your pants, Ed Colligan. Your gloat is over. Resign now. Palm is dead. And good riddance!

iPhone Graffiti offers Palm-style handwriting recognition

HWPen per iPhone

“HAN WANG” IPHONE First Chinese hand type system

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5 Comments on “Palm’s Worst Nightmare: HWR For iPhone”

  1. Constable Odo Says:

    This doesn’t seem like a positive article for using HRW on an iPhone. It makes it look pretty unusable or very difficult to input text. I only hope that it learns as it goes along.

  2. mikecane Says:

    I would consider these glimpses of an alpha version. Note however the second video with Chinese character recognition. We can’t see the degree of accuracy there. But I imagine it is very high since this app apparently originates there. Getting it right for our simple alphabet should not be hard work.

  3. Evil Duck Says:

    I was under the impression that both the Palm OS and Graffiti belonged to different companies (Access and Xerox respectively).

    Why do you think that Ed Colligan would care about this, since the “technology” of the handwriting-recogntion system appears to be patented by Xerox?

  4. mikecane Says:

    If you click on the Colligan link, you’ll see why I specifically named him. Do I think he cares about this? Frankly, I think Colligan is so frikkin clueless people have to tell him the day of the week!

    The technology behind this might very well be violating a patent or two. I don’t know the company behind the software, but I think such a problem could be solved by purchasing whatever license is required. Failing that, this will probably be the most-popular “dark” application for the iPhone (that is, one not found on the App Store, requiring jailbreaking or other means to install).

  5. […] Palm’s Worst Nightmare: HWR For iPhone Wet your pants, Ed Colligan. Your gloat is over. Resign now. Palm is dead. And good riddance! […]

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