This Is What Leadership Means

So I wound up at this page from SixApart, a competing blogging platform.

And I found this by clicking a link in that page:

I post this to poke at the nose of WordPress.


When I inquired about blogging tools for the iPhone, I was told I should contact Support, as they’ve gotten “very few” requests for that.

Well maybe that’s the case because those with iPhones went to SixApart instead!

I mean, really, who wants to put up with this as an iPhone blogging interface?

This is what leadership is: To get to somewhere before everyone else — and then to lead them there.

It’s just idiotic that I had to ask WordPress for iPhone support.

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5 Comments on “This Is What Leadership Means”

  1. ramin Says:

    Most of these blogging engines follow a (de facto) posting standard called MetaWeblog API ( so if you have a client that complies with it, there’s a good chance it’ll work with your blogging engine.

    The trouble is that there are slight variations with each engine (usually when it comes to categories, uploading media, or special posting attributes). But for most generic postings, a simple MetaWeblog-compliant client will do the job. I’m guessing there will be a bunch of those out once the iPhone app-store opens, so that might be a reason why WordPress is not so eager to jump in with their own custom client.

  2. sobrikay Says:

    yes, agree, tho without better multi-line text handling, a real (multi) clipboard, and external keyboard ability, the iphone’s not quite pleasant to use, itself.

    most times for this i use my palm tx and vagablog. finding wifi is a small trade for being able to build a real post.

  3. mikecane Says:

    I never heard of Vagablog before this! Downloaded it to drop on the LifeDrive to see what it’s like. I don’t hold out any hope. I couldn’t even get the WordPress signon page on the LifeDrive when I tried via free WiFi at the Apple Store!

  4. mikecane Says:

    Hmmm… I just discovered mo:blog too. Looked at Vagablog. Rather minimalistic. Will try a test post — if I remember! — when I’m near WiFi. Thanks!

  5. sobrikay Says:

    i thought mo:blog rocked but i wanted not to get too fussy about things on the road and i have another gizmo, a database program sync’d with the desktop, i use for drafting. vagablog’s so clean… keeps what you enter there until you post it… that’s what i needed it to be like.

    i did a little review, back when.

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