Gerry Anderson’s Eternity

Trailer for Gerry Anderson ‘Eternity’ tv series

This is a animatic created by Steve Begg for a proposed live action sci-fi tv series by Gerry Anderson and John Needham involving the appearance of a new planet in our solar system.

Unbeknown to us this is actually a huge sentient life-form, which after being plundered by mankind starts to retaliate.

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2 Comments on “Gerry Anderson’s Eternity”

  1. AFS Says:

    Thank you for posting up this trailer. Wow! I certainly hope that this show gets a chance. We’ll check back often . . . hoping that you’ll have more news.

  2. B McNeal Says:

    I want to see Eternity SO BAD. I though that Space Precinct had potential, but shifted too often between family-friendly fare and some really dark television.

    That being said the tests for Eternity look terrific, and I can only hope that, like Space Precinct (which began life as Star Laws; a one-off) Eternity makes it’s way to the small screen.

    Besides, Gerry is getting on in years, and we might not get another chance.

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