MSI Wind: Photos And Video

I’ve been very interested in the MSI Wind. It looks very similar to the hp Mini Note, even down to the strange hinge.

My perseverence paid off today when I searched on YouTube and found a video that I think originates from Turkey(!).

That’s a strange venue for a Taiwanese company to promote a product. But this is a global marketplace, so who am I to quibble?

But I will grumble that I wish they had chosen another venue: like New York City, so I could fondle it!

Click the link to see the video and screensnapped photos!

The best way to get a copy of the video is to use the MP4 bookmarklet.

The MP4 of the saved video is sharp. It’s a 9.3MB file at 352×288 resolution.

I’ve bumped these screensnaps up to 440. (I didn’t edit out the top and bottom black borders; I wanted to post this rare info ASAP!)

Notice the scale of it in his hands:


A bit of a closer look:


More fondling:


SD cards do not sit flush in the slot:


There appear to be nine openings on the left side! Also notice that hump at the bottom toward the back. This does not sit flat on a surface:


On the right side are six openings:


There appear to be eight indicator lights at right edge corner:


Another closer look:


Some Function keys with icons on them:


Notice how the screen hinge works just like the hp Mini:


Notice how the back is not flat on the desk:


Here you can really see the angled rise plus the screen hinge:


Closed, top, curved all round just like the hp Mini:


Another shot of right-side ports:


Notice the scale in her hands, clearly larger than an Asus EeePC; I think it’s the same size as the hp Mini Note:


Another shot to show scale in her hands:


Head on:


The All-Important Specs:


MSI Wind Notebook
80GB hard drive
1GB of Flash storage(???)
1.6GHz Intel Atom CPU
10-inch LED screen
1.3-megapixel camera
Windows XP Home edition
SD card reader (SDHC too?)
3 cell battery*
2.5 hours battery life*
1.2kg weight (2.64 pounds)
3 USB ports

* these two according to an online dictionary I tried to pry a translation out of.

Update: Correct specs in this post.

Here is a very rough montage I put together to compare the Palm Foleo, hp Mini Note, and MSI Wind:

Update: I’ve since substituted a better picture of the Wind.

And now here’s that video:

For more information and to see two more photos, visit the Turkish website!

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10 Comments on “MSI Wind: Photos And Video”

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  3. Ozgur Cetin Says:

    Thank you Mike,
    Card Reader can read/write SDHC (i think)
    This was a working sample (not dummy) but we cannot because of Intel NDA.
    I removed my firs video because of Intel Atom cpu (NDA). This is new video link:

    If you want i can send you high resulotion MSI Wind pictures.

    Ozgur Cetin
    Project Manager

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